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Pastoral Leaders

Improving your work life balance


At Pastoral Leaders we recognise that time is important to you

and saving time is what we do.

We now have over 1000 members and we're growing each year with new members signing up from around the world. We've had some amazing feedback, especially on the quality of the Assemblies, that are available on the website. We have resources that are aimed at Secondary School students (Year 7 - Year 13). 

You have full control over all your resources as they are stored on this safe and secure website, bound by the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

This platform will allow you to share resources with thousands of professionals, allowing you to improve your work life balance.

Subscribe for just £9.99 a year to share unlimited content such as Assemblies, Form Time Activities, Behaviour Management, Pastoral Support and PSHE resources. You will also get access to the Members Forum where you can ask questions, seek advice and request a specific resource.



A sharing platform for Pastoral Leaders to share resources.

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Passionate about Pastoral

Saving time and improving your work life balance.


Subscribe now for just £9.99 a year to access all resources!

Download resources

Share with thousands of teachers

Access to innovative ideas

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